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My Wife's Files ViviAvi


 This site is dedicated for my beloved wife, Vivi
 homer simpson
Hi, I'm Homer Simpson, one of Vivi's favorite characters.
On behalf of the owner of Rumah Yoga,
let me introduce Vivi to you!
Her name is Vivi Yulaswati
She was born in Yogyakarta, July 3rd, 1966
She was graduated from University of Indonesia, Faculty of Mathematics and Science, Department of Geography, in 1991
She works in BAPPENAS since March 1992 at the Bureau for Provincial Development and Transmigration
She is a very hard-working woman and likes working very much (it's similar with me!)
She used to be gathering the MAPALA of the University of Indonesia (one of the activist) when she was student of the university, which led her experiencing in climbing a couple of summits in Indonesia
Nowadays, she is taking her master degree in urban and regional planning at the University of Wisconsin at Madison for about two years from September 1997 to August 1999
You can meet her by sending her your e-mail:
I am glad I can introduce her for all of you!
You are invited to visit her own home page form the following site:
At Last, I'll show you couple of pictures of Vivi together with the owner of Rumah Yoga and her beloved daughter, Avi, from the following thumbnails
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