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My Family's Gathering

It seems sad to me to start up creating this page.  Why?  Because as a family, we are not living together.  We have been living separately for the last 18 months.

Since my wife, Vivi, left Indonesia to study at the University of Wisconsin - Madison in August 1997, I and my daughter, Avi, were in Indonesia for about one year.  In August 1998, when I have to go to study at the University of Southern California - Los Angeles, Vivi took along Avi with her in Madison.  Avi was with her mom just only for four months in Madison.  Finally, when we had to go back to Indonesia to celebrate Iedul Fitri holy day last January 1999, Avi decided to be in Indonesia with her grandpas and grandmas.  Now, she is living with her grandparent in Jakarta.

Anyway, when we were together, we tried to have such a good time by traveling and having fun together.  The following are documentations of our great time together while Avi was together with her parent in the United States of America, and when we had a vacation to Mexico in the 1998 winter break.

You may click the picture to see it much better.

Our Great Time in Chicago, Illinois, October 1998

Our Great Time in Disneyland, California, September 1998

Our Great Time in Madison, Wisconsin, October 1998

Our Great Time in Mexico, December 1998 - January 1999

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