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I am a planning officer of the National Development Planning Agency (BAPPENAS) of the Republic of Indonesia. BAPPENAS is one of the governmental agencies that have an important role in development planning in Indonesia. In BAPPENAS, my current position is as the Head of Division for Regional II (Eastern Part of Indonesia) Development at the Bureau of Regional II Development and Assistance. I earned an undergraduate degree in agricultural economics from University of Lampung, Indonesia in 1987 and master degree in regional planning from Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB), Indonesia in 1990.

Before I joined BAPPENAS in 1990, early after I had my master degree from ITB in March 1990 I had been accepted as a staff of the Agency for Technology Development and Application (BPPT). By working for BPPT for about four months I was invited to join BAPPENAS by one of my former lecturer at ITB, who is assigned as Head of Bureau of Regional II Development and Assistance. Since August 1990, I have been working at BAPPENAS as a planning staff of the Bureau of Regional II Development and Assistance, under the Deputy Chairman for Regional Development Affairs.

In August 1994, I was early promoted to be the Head of Sub-Division for Regional II Program Development at the same bureau. After I have been assigned as head of sub-division for about three years, last February 1998 I have been promoted as Head of Division for the Regional II Development at the same bureau. At this period, I am the youngest in age and the shortest in working period among the other head of divisions in BAPPENAS.

My current position responsible for programming the development policies and strategies especially for the east Indonesia region. In programming and planning the strategies and policies, I am also responsible in managing the regional development database and information system. Therefore, since 1997 I have been developing the official home page of the Bureau for Regional II of BAPPENAS of which contains a lot of data and information regarding the development of the Eastern Part of Indonesia. The address of the URL site of the bureau's official home page is in

Besides my structural assignments, I am also responsible functionally in coordinating the program development and budget allocation for the Ministry of Home Affairs and some other programs and budget allocation for the provincial and local governments. Regarding the budget allocation for the provincial and local governments, my responsibility not only for the national subsidy budget (grants) for the local governments but also the foreign-assisted budget (foreign loans and grants). Therefore, I have been experienced in supervising program development especially for regional and area development conducted by provincial and local government, financed by national and foreign-assisted budgets. Both assignments, structurally and functionally, have been enriching my experiences in dealing with the provincial and local governments.

Furthermore, in capacity as the Head of Division for Regional II Development, I have been actively invited as speakers in several seminars and workshops. Most of the seminar and workshops were held by the Ministry of Home Affairs and provincial and local governments in such related topics, like urban and regional development, integrated area development, sub-regional economic cooperation, autonomy and decentralization, and community development. In publications, I have been writing papers and publications in some journals and bulletins published by universities, NGOs, and the Ministry of Home Affairs in the above-related topics. Some papers published by the universities where I have been teaching since 1990, while others published by NGOs such as the Center for Information and Development Studies (CIDES) where I have been actively involving since it was established in 1992.

In international experiences, I have been participating and representing BAPPENAS in international seminars, workshops, and short-courses such as the international course on regional development planning at United Nations Center for Regional Development (UNCRD) in Nagoya, Japan, and the course on financing urban infrastructures and services at Research Triangle Institute (RTI) in North Carolina, USA.

Moreover, related to my assignment in supervising foreign assisted projects conducted by local governments, I have been participating in some international workshops and seminars funded by donor agencies such as USAID, Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the World Bank.

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